Monday, 21 April 2008

Falling off the face of the earth...

My blog has been unusually quiet recently, I know. Unfortunately, my RSI has returned and I'm having to limit my time at the computer. Combine that with school holidays, a few health issues and a looming deadline... Well, let's just say I saw a ball of tumbleweed roll past.

And the problem is, after not blogging for a while, I couldn't think of anything to say! Fascinating, aren't I?

Anyway, my fifth book, Saying Yes To The Millionaire, the Summer Bride in the 'Bride for All Seaons' series, is going to be available online in a week or two, and I promised in my Dear Reader letter that I would give some in-depth behind-the-scenes info, so I reckon it's time to get going on that. I have so many locations I could talk about that it could easily take more than a month!

Saying Yes To The Millionaire is a fast-paced adventure in which the hero and heroine enter a treasure hunt and race round London for four days. It was great fun to write and I researched way more than I could ever fit in, but I had to work very hard on keeping the romance developing and letting the emotional story shine trhough. So, as I talk about the different locations and ideas behind the story, I'm going to add some snippets of advice for aspiring writers on how to use your plot to maximise your characters' emotional journeys.

And don't forget to pick up The Bride's Baby this month as Liz Fielding kicks off the 'Bride For All Seasons' series with the Spring Bride!