Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Catching up

Sorry there's been nothing new on my blog for so long! Between book deadlines and family illness, something had to give - and this blog was it. But I'm just popping by to re-direct you to the new blog related to my next book, Blind-Date Baby.

Blind-Date Baby is part of the Blind-DateBrides.com trilogy - three books about three women finding love and friendship in the world of internet dating.

Book 1: Nine-To-Five Bride by Jennie Adams (out now!)
Book 2: Blind-Date Baby by Fiona Harper (available at eHarlequin and Mills&Boon.co.uk now!)
Book 3: Dream Date With The Millionaire by Melissa McClone (out soon!)

We've set up a blog with excerpts, dating profiles, background to the stories and settings, so pop by and take a look! You can find it at http://www.blinddatebrides.com/!

And if that's not enough, my heroine, Grace, is blogging all through the month of May on what's going on in her head as she goes on a blind-date and gets tangled up with sexy Noah Frost - with totally unexpected consequences! There'll be a new post every day and you can find Grace's blog here or by clicking on the link in the sidebar of the Blind-Date Brides.com website.
Grace is a forty-year old empty nester who is determined to grow old disgracefully, and no one is more suprised than her when she discovers she's back at square one with a new chick to hatch!