Monday, 19 January 2015

No Ginger Rogers

Okay, I'm resurrecting my blog for a while. It's been an age since I posted, so there's probably only three people reading, which is fine, because I want to keep a diary of my latest research project. Don't laugh, but I'm learning to tap dance.

Maybe I should be more accurate and say I'm trying to learn to tap dance. Yes. It's that bad.

I had my first lesson last week. Before that time, I hadn't even worn a pair of tap shoes. I had to rush out and buy some last Monday afternoon. The adult tap class that's local to me isn't a beginner's class though. I'll be okay, I thought. Even the head of the dancing school thought I'd be alright because I've done plenty of other kinds of dance (ballet, modern, contemporary). It did give me a slight heads-up. After all, I know what a ball change is, but other than that it was a bit like saying I'd be fine learning Chinese because I know how to order a glass of wine and a ham sandwich in French. That's what tap feels like at the moment - Chinese for my feet.

Having said that, it is great fun and the ladies at the class are lovely. I just think it would be more fun if I could do the steps instead of flailing around at the back with a vague look of panic on my face. My goal is to be able to actually complete a step combination before half term in February. Just one will do. And it doesn't even have to be a difficult one! Wish me luck. ;-)