Sunday, 30 April 2006

And now for something completely different...

I’m a huge fan of Strictly Dance Fever. For those of you not in

the UK, this is a show similar to “Dancing with Stars” only there are no professional dancers and no celebrities. It’s just raw talent.

After rounds of auditions (think Pop Idol/American Idol) dancers are put into pairs and ten couples go to live in a mansion for the duration of the show (or until they are booted out). Each week the couples learn one of two dance styles for the Saturday show. The styles are broader than the ballroom dancing version, with many great dances to choose from: the jive, jitterbug, rock and roll, charleston, argentine tango, hustle, lindyhop, salsa, lambada – you name it, they try it.

The rest of the format is fairly familiar. The couples dance; the judges give their verdict (the judges get booed.); the public vote, and someone goes home in tears. £50,000 and a professional dance contract is the prize everyone is hoping for.

It’s totally addictive. This show isn’t a way of raising their profile and getting a couple more TV presenting jobs – it’s their dream, their passion! And as the weeks go on, you start to find out why the contestants want to win this competition so badly, and their stories grip you round the throat and won’t let you go. Love it.

Anyway, this year I am cheering for Darren and Lana! I’ve been rooting for Lana from the get go, because my best friend is Lana’s ballet teacher. I was prepared to cheer Lana and partner on, no matter what, but thankfully, they are a very talented pair and deserve all the jumping up and down on the sofa I do.

So what are you waiting for?

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