Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Romance and paintbrushes

Just when I’m getting cheesed off with my husband for not doing the washing up, he goes and does something romantic that makes it impossible to be cross with him. Hmph!

He comes home from work with a big bunch of roses and a bottle of pink bubbly in honour of the fact it was nineteen years since our first date. I had completely forgotten. And since hubby normally gets the date wrong, I was also very surprised.

Unfortunately, I had an evening of decorating ahead of me. But I’ll tell you this: painting a door with a brush in one hand and a glass of sparkly stuff in the other is definitely the way to go.

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Julie Day said...

Fiona - Aahh! That sounds like men for you. As you said, just when you think they're not romantic they go and do something...romantic. What a sweet husband you've got.

I would also like to say Congratulations on winning the RNA New Writers Award. What an achievement it is for you that your first novel which was only accepted last December (when we met in Holborn) for publication has already won an award. Well worth putting on your writing cv. You can create stickers/notes to put on your books to this effect. Hope to meet you again soon.