Sunday, 18 June 2006

I love my bookcase

Okay, something daft made me ridiculously happy yesterday.

I had to demolish some lovely stone cladding in my living room (my house had been done up in the 70's in the "fake country cottage" style). So, fo quite a while I had to live in what looked like a building site. All moveable furniture left the room - including my big bookcase.

I love that bookcase. Mostly because my father-in-law made it for us not long after we were married, and since he died only a few years later, it feels good to have something that reminds us of him as a very central thing in our lives.

But yesterday, it was just the sheer joy of seeing the bookcase full of books and sitting in my living room that made me smile. I hadn't realised how much I had missed it until it was back. There is something strangely comforting about seeing row upon row of books all waiting eagerly to be read (or re-read, most likely). I keep looking at it and feeling all warm inside.


Jessica Raymond said...

I *completely* understand! One of the first things we had to unpack when we moved into our house last summer was my books. I hated them sitting in boxes in the garage.

Sharon J said...

Lovely story :-)

When I left Norway to come back to the UK, I had to get rid of most of what I owned, including a LOT of books. I can't tell you how painful that was! 18 years worth of them! Hundreds and hundreds of them! I knew I couldn't justify the cost of shipping them all over (we were on a very tight budget) but even so... it was a horrible experience. Luckily, most went to my best friend who I know has given them a good home where they'll be appreciated.

I've now been back in the UK for about 8 years and have so many books I don't have room for them so have had to store at least half (if not more) in the loft. I need a big house with lots of big book shelves!

Fiona Harper said...

I'm not even going to tell you lot about the bottom drawer of my chest of drawers which is stuffed full of M&Bs. Whoops. Just did.

Fiona Lowe said...

Oh, Fi, the joy if setting things back to rights! If my domestic cave is in turmoil it affects everything else in my life. So now the bookshelf is back, the floors are sparkling, get thee to the copy edits!

Phillipa said...

Fiona - it is comforting to see all those books sitting there, knowing you've had so much pleasure from them. But I do wish I could throw a book out - things are getting ridiculous here. What about you? Can you bear to part with any book?

Fiona Harper said...

I've had to be ruthless in the last few years, Pip. We had a loft extension and there is nowhere to store anything. I'm down to my absolute faves now.