Sunday, 2 July 2006

Black Hole Still Gaping

I've deicided to break out of the box and just write the first bit of my book. One of the problems with plotting the start of act two, is that I just don't know how much backstory will have come out and how much my characters will have talked about their issues.

So I just said, "What the heck!", and started writing, and before I knew it I was at the end of chapter one. (Woo Hoo!). Just goes to show that every book needs it's own approach and we shouldn't feel afraid to try something new. Normally I would find it difficult to write without a clear plan, but actually since I have been sitting at my keyboard, I've actually been less worried about my black hole.


Michelle Styles said...

Trust your muse. You will find the answer when you get there.And you are right -- every mss requires a different approach.

Fiona Harper said...

Thanks, Michelle.

As long as my muse doesn't get over excited and go speeding into the black hole I'll be fine.