Monday, 28 August 2006

Back to real life

I'm back from a holiday in the Cotswolds and ready to dive into the wip. I had intended to get a little writing done while I was away, but somehow I got obsessed with a rather large jigsaw featuring masses of frosty foliage and used a lot of my spare time that way instead. Still, the lovely villages and cottages were truly inspirational and I'm sure I'll use the Cotswolds as a setting one day.

And just to prove to myself my stuck-in-chapter-seven phase is almost over, I've written almost 3000 words today already. Yay for me!


Nicola Marsh said...

I adore the Cotswolds! I was lucky enough to do a day tour there when I visited London 9 years ago and I swore that every village I visited I'd return to one day.
You must've had a lovely time :)
And I can really see a book being set there. Look forward to reading it!

Liz Fielding said...

We all need downtime, Fiona. And the brain was undoubtedly doing its own thing while you were concentrating on the jigsaw.

Congratulations on the 3000 word day!

Nell Dixon said...

Wow 3k in a day! I'm impressed.

Fiona Harper said...

don't throw stuff at me, but I manged another 2000 after i'd posted.