Tuesday, 12 September 2006

One more under my belt

Phew! I've finished the first draft of mt latest book. Now I've got a couple of weeks to lick it into shape before I send it off.

I'm quite amazed at how much I managed to get done when I knuckled under: 28,000 words in the last sixteen days (since I got back from holiday).

I tend not to edit much as I go, so reading the opening chapters should be somewhat of a surprise. I've probably forgotten a lot of what I've written. I know I'll read some back and think, 'Hmmm, better than I thought it was going to be', and I will read some bits and think, 'Euch!' Funny thing is, the bits I considered the good bits when I was writing them invariably make me go 'Euch!'.


Sue aka MsCreativity said...

28,000 words :-o!!! Congrats Fiona. I won't ask how you did it, 'cause I suspect it has a lot to do with less Internet + less procrastination = more writing. I've gotta get me some self-discipline!

Sue :-)

PS. How long is it 'til your first book comes out?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you have finished it. On the train it didn't seem much more than a rough idea. I am impressed :)



Nicola Marsh said...

Congrats on finishing, Fiona!
I love starting books but boy, do I love finishing them even more!! :)


allyblake said...

yrsaxjkxGo Fiona! Is this the one set in the snowed in car?

28,000 in 16 days is fantastic!!! I am hoping to get 13,000 done in the next 8 days so if you can send some of your fairy dust my way I'd appreciate it!!!


Jessica Raymond said...

Congratulations Fiona, that's some speedy writing!

Fiona Harper said...

They ended up only spending a few Chapters in the car in the end, Ally, but,yes, it was that one. I'd been stuck for so long on this one, I donlt think it had any choice but to fall out in one lump.