Monday, 4 December 2006

Now what?

So, I have a hero and a heroine. Now what? They had to have a reason to meet, a reason for their very different worlds to collide. And sometimes the oddest things provide inspiration.

When my editor asked if I wanted a dedication in Blind-Date Marriage I didn’t have to think too long. When I emailed it to her she responded by saying it was “strange, but nice”. It reads:

For the unknown man I soaked while driving through a puddle.

One rainy October morning I was driving along a road I know, but don’t use very often. Since the rain was heavy, puddles were collecting near the kerb and I drove through one not realising how deep it was. As my tyres hit the puddle a spray of water a good four-feet high flew into the air and soaked a poor man passing by.

I felt awful, but chickened out of stopping to apologise as I was on my own and didn’t want to aggravate an instance of ‘puddle-rage’. At the same time I was scolding myself for my cowardice, my brain was whirring.

What a great way for my hero and heroine to meet, I thought. What if she was brave enough to stop? Where would they both have been going? And before I knew it I had an idea for the opening of my story. The location changed and so did the car, unfortunately, but the basic nugget of the idea was in place.


Anonymous said...

Then i am waiting for the head butt into gentleman's bottom for the the next book :)


Sharon J said...

What a lovely dedication. I always read them and often wonder about the cryptic ones. If only he knew...

Jessica Raymond said...

LOL! I like that dedication. And love the "what if..."s you immediately started asking yourself :)

Jess x

Fiona Harper said...

Steady on, Liz!

And yes, Jess, wasn't it great I completely forgot about the poor man and started plotting instead (g). Thought I ought to make it up to him with the dedication.

Donna Alward said...

I think it's fabulous.

allyblake said...

Fabulous way to use someone else's misery for profit! the writer's best friend ;).

And I did just notice that your book is a Reading with the Hostie read on eHarlequin too!!!

Can't wait to buy it in Aus next month!!!


Fiona Harper said...

Yes, ppor man. He suffered for my art. I was going to put that in the dedication, but thought it would sound a bit pretentious if people didn't relaise it was tongue-in-cheek!