Thursday, 29 March 2007

A Celebratory Competition

Thank you to everybody who stopped by my blog to congratulate me on my RITA nominations! I've made up my mind and I'm planning to go to Dallas in July. I'm busy trying to calm down about it all, I really am, but the adrenalin rush just keeps on going... In the meantime, I thought I would run a little competition.

I'm having lots of fun with my voice recognition software. Most of the time it's really accurate, but occasionally it fouls up – normally when I talk too fast (Who? Me? Never!) or don't speak clearly enough. I've also discovered it's a really bad idea to try and dictate when you have the hiccups!

Here are some examples that have made me giggle:

  • "send an e-mail to my editor" became "send an e-mail to my head"
  • "Hi Meg" became "hind legs"
  • "She rummaged in her bag" became " she vomited in her back"
  • "hiccups" (see above) became "he cuts"
  • "I'm an auntie" became "I'm a Nazi" (I promise you, I'm not - although my children may have something to say about that...)

So, my competition to win copies of my current release Her Parenthood Assignment is to guess what I actually said when my voice recognition software wrote the following:

"... half a chocolate muff in wrapped in a paper Soviet."

E-mail me at with your answers and I'll pick three out to win a book! Closing date is 6th April. I'll announce the winners and collect addresses then.

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Barb said...

Congratulations on your fanatstic double nomination, Fiona. And have a fabulous time in Dallas!