Saturday, 23 June 2007

Wrists and self-promotion

I'm feeling rather pleased with myself. I took a week off work to get some writing done and to rest my wrists. The good news is they are feeling a bit better, so there is definitely some mileage in leaving the mouse and number keypad alone.

Having the extra time meant I could get some long-overdue jobs done. Like getting some business cards printed to take to America with me. I'm pretty pleased with the design, which was based on my website banner. And I am now completely in love with Vistaprint. It cost a tenth of what I thought it would to get these done.


India said...

They're gorgeous-- you clever girl!!

Glad the wrists are improving-- you obviously need to take more time off! Hope you have a fab time in Dallas, and can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.

Kate Hardy said...

Lovely cards. Well done, you!

Glad your wrists are getting better. (And thank you for recommending Dragon. I'm getting used to it now. Is FABULOUS for non-fiction.)

liz fenwick said...

They look great!!!

Keep taking it easy :-)

Nell said...

Lovely cards! Glad the wrists feel better

phillipa said...

The cards are gorgeous Fiona and I'm glad you are feeling better. My current heroine's friend is called Fiona and she is outrageous (Not based on you of course!)