Wednesday, 11 July 2007

RWA Update

If you want to know what I'm up to this week, come and visit the Pink Heart Society! Trish Wylie and Jenna Bayley-Burke have hi-jacked me and we are blogging over there all week from the RWA conference in Dallas.

We're having a blast blogging about everything. We're going to be doing first-timers' first impressions, interviews with authors, fashion at the awards ceremony and general silliness involving a small green Leprechaun called Sean. We're also taking photos as fast as our digital cameras can charge. Pop on over and have a squiz!


Anonymous said...

Hey Fiona! it's good to here that you're not too homesick!!

Looks like tou're having a great time - bring me back something typically Texan!!

The girls say "Hi!"

Love Ya loads


Melissa said...

Great to meet you Fiona! It's been fun bumping into you at all the HMB activities in Dallas!