Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I just got back from a wonderful holiday in Italy. I stayed in the beautiful Riva del Garda on my honeymoon. 'Mr Harper' and I have always wanted to go back and we decided to take the kids and celebrate our 20th anniversary in style.

This was the view from our table as we dined outside on shore of Lake Garda last Monday evening. I couldn't stop sighing. Partly because my pizza was so good, and partly because it was so beautiful.

Even the flight over was stunning. We flew right over the alps. Who can pay attention to aeroplane food when there's a view like this out of the window?

Here's Riva's main square on the waterfront. We ate here most nights.

And here's what Riva looks like with the mountains in the background:

Boats in the little lakeside town of Limone:

The gorge at the Varone falls:

One of Riva's pretty cobbled streets, and the imposing Mt Rochetta, which towers over the town:

The way the Lake sometimes is the most amazing shade of green:

And the most beautiful place I have ever been - the magical Isola del Garda. This palazzo is on a tiny island at the south end of the lake and is like something out of a fairy tale:

And, finally, Lake Garda in a different mood:



Jan Jones said...

Oh, BEAUTIFUL! And you have just got to use a palazzo like that in a book!

Fiona Harper said...

Already have, Jan! This was a sort of retro research visit to see whether the real place matched up to my imagination.

My palace is loosely based on this one and after visiting it, I know the place in mind was different in a lot of ways. There's only so much you can get from photos. ;-)

Jan Jones said...

Which book? I must have missed it!

Donna Alward said...

Oh Fi, that's just gorgeous.

It totally makes me have itchy feet. If I had money, I'd travel all the time.

Fiona Harper said...

It's a book I've just finished, Jan. It'll be out sometime next summer.

Anonymous said...

carolc said...

What gorgeous photos of what looks like a fabulous trip Fiona. Looking forward to the new book with the fictional castle.

Congratulations on twenty years of marriage! It's always inspiring when romance writers have their own HEA's.