Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Invitation To The Boss's Ball - Hero and Heroine

Alice is skinny, with bright red hair – too bright be called anything but ‘ginger’ – and she lives in jeans, trainers and her brother’s over-sized fleeces. It's not that she isn't pretty; it's just that she doesn't believe she's pretty.

If there ever was a girl crying out for a makeover, she's it. Not that she knows she wants this – that yearning is buried deep down inside and she’s too scared to dream she can be anything else than a guy’s best friend. She’s certainly not the kind of girl men fall down and worship. She just wants an average guy to live and average little life with. What a pity, then, she’s falling for Cameron Hunter, who’s so far out of her league it just isn’t funny…

Cameron is a software tycoon whose difficult past has driven him to succeed at any cost, to prove himself not only to the upper-class boys that used to bully him at school, but to the whole world. And he’s doing a rather good job of it.

But then he runs into Alice, a childhood friend who can help him out of a rather big jam, and he starts to look at his life with a fresh perspective. He’s not quite sure he likes what he sees. He’s spent his whole life climbing to the top of the heap, but he suspects all he’s done and all he is won’t be enough for the quiet, determined redhead he’s desperate to impress.


Jan Jones said...

Cor, this sounds good.

Nicola Marsh said... hero alert!

Enjoyed the book, Fiona, and it's great to now see who inspired the characters.

Biddy said...

Oooo Michael Vartan!! Yum yum!

Jan - it is a fab story!