Sunday, 21 November 2010

RNA winter party

I attended the RNA's winter party a couple of days ago. This being the RNA's 50th anniversary, the party was the last in a long string of events to celebrate that fact. Since we hadn't had anything that celebrated our wonderful New Writers' Scheme, this was a theme for the party.

Anyone who had been published through the scheme was given a brightly-coloured little Christmas bow to wear, and anyone who had won the New Writers' Award (as I had done in 2006) was given a great bit sparkly bow to wear. People commented on mine all evening an then I had to explain why I was wearing it, so it was great advertisement for the scheme.

I took my camera with me, but gave up after a few fuzzy attempts. Thankfully, the RNA had hired a wonderful photographer to do the honours for us, and all the pics in this post are her work (contact details at the end).

Don't we all look as if we're having a marvellous time?

Here are the NWS Award Winners who were present at the party:

Just a fraction of the people who have been offered a publishing contact after going through the scheme:

Photos courtesy of Marte Lundby Rekaa of MLR Photo:


Jan Jones said...

It was a splendid evening and you looked especially sparkly.

I like the way you scrapbooked all the pics together in this post - looks fab!

liz fenwick said...

Great to see - if event will be more organized and do coffee before so we can chat!

Brilliant party....


Fiona Harper said...

Yes, definitely, Liz! It's been too long since we had a good natter.