Sunday, 1 May 2011


According to my progress meter, I am 111% done! Whoops. Will definitely need to trim as I'm waaay above my word limit.

But the changes I made removing the added external conflict in the second half of the book really worked and I am much, much happier with the result. I had stopped writing halfway through the final scene because it was so dull, but this time round I romped through it, writing 4000 words today alone (hence, the overshot word count).

Now just have to tidy it up and hand it in to my editor on Tuesday morning. Phew!

In the meantime I am enjoying the uplifting funkiness that is Nerina Pallot's new single, Lift Your Hands Up. (You can see the fab video below). Her track, Learning To Breathe, was on the soundtrack for the current book, by the way.

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