Tuesday, 14 June 2011

New titles, new books!

Very excited to discover the titles and release dates for the runaway ballerina story I've just had accepted. Yay!

Basic plot: ballerina escapes from her suffocating life by running away to a desert island with a hunky survival expert for a week.

It's going to be released in January 2012 in North America as a Harlequin Romance and will be called The Ballerina Bride.

And in Feb 2012 it'll be available in the UK as a Mills & Boon RIVA, with the title Dancing With Danger.

Gorgeous titles, or what?

Neither of them are mine. Which is just as well, because my title-creating skills are practically zero. Asking me to keep to 50,000 words is a struggle. How on earth was I ever going to manage something worthwhile in under five?

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