Sunday, 30 October 2011

Celebrations all round!

I have FINISHED MY BOOK! One more read-through on my Sony Reader, just to catch anything I missed, and it's good to go.  Yay.  I love the just-finished-a-book feeling. 

However, I've got another book due in three months, so my post-book euphoria will rapidly moprh into starting-a-new-book excitment. It's a Christmas series about three sisters that I'm doing with Shirley Jump and Donna Alward.  More on that soon...

And if that wasn't enough excitment, I've just seen the UK cover for Dancing With Danger (The Ballerina Bride in North America). 

Whoa.  Seriously hot hero alert!

Just hang out here a while and drool.  I don't mind...

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Melissa Lockhart said...

Hi Fiona, I can not wait to read this. It looks like a fabulous read. I love all the covers for it, especially the Australian and UK ones.