Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Eek! and Ahhhhh...

Right. Have six weeks to write the next book. (gulp) That's only 34 writing days, cos I have one day a week off - necessary to stop brain overheating. While 1500 words per day doesn't sound like a lot, it's still going to be tight.
It's not getting the words down on paper that's the problem; it's doing all the behind the scenes work so I know where I'm going with it. Once that's sorted, the word count is easy. Oh, if only the story wrangling was as simple!

The upside is that I've not long got back from a lovely, once in a lifetime holiday in St Lucia. (Have decided I will buy a villa here when I write my blockbuster. lol) Sipping cocktails under a palm tree on the beach tends to bring a little much-needed rest to a mind. And the next story is bubbling away nicely in my head.

Meanwhile, here's a photo from my sun lounger to remind me to stay chilled and not to panic about the approaching deadline...

Little bit of book trivia here... The plant on the beach is sea purslane - which I researched for The Ballerina Bride/Dancing With Danger. It's edible, and during the book Allegra collects some to eat when she's cast away on a desert island with the luscious Finn.

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