Monday, 17 September 2007

Getting a laugh

Since I’ve broken my blog-silence, I may as well get back in the habit!

I ordered the RWA conference CDs and they arrived in the post a couple of weeks ago. I decided not to pick and choose, but just to listen to each disc all the way through. You can now find me hooked up to my MP3 player when I’m driving, walking to work and even in the gym. I’m learning loads. I only managed to attend about four workshops during the week, so there is tons of good stuff I missed.

Anyway, I was on the train the other day and I was listening to Jo Beverley’s workshop on “Getting Started: Books and Beginnings”. She was analysing good opening passages (first two hundred words) and seeing why they worked and, as she was nearing the end of the workshop, I got a bit of a shock. I heard “Blind-Date Marriage” and “Fiona Harper” and then she started reading the first page out! I stared at my MP3 player in such shock that the girl opposite me on the train started giving me funny looks.

Not only was it cool to have a bit of one of my books used for the workshop, but I got a laugh too! Just at the bit about Serena having “too many teeth” (see my website for an excerpt). Us writers hardly ever get to experience that immediate kind of reaction to our work, so I was doubly chuffed that one of the humorous lines actually made some attendees crack up. God bless those ladies!


Liz Fielding said...

Jo is delightful, Fiona. When I arrived at my first RWA, nervous as a kitten, she walked up to me, hand extended and welcomed me to the US. I've never forgotten it.

And how great that she loved the opening to your book. Not surprising, of course, but such recognition is just wonderful.

Donna Alward said...


Fiona...does it feel like you've arrived????? LOL

Have you sent a note to Jo? I've never met her in person but she seems very friendly online. :-)

Jessica Raymond said...

How cool! I bet you were smiling for the rest of the day :)

Jess x

liz fenwick said...

How excellant......not really surprised though :-)