Thursday, 27 December 2007

Four Star Review

I’m celebrating my first ever four star review from the Romantic Times:

Restoring his family's ancestral home is a huge undertaking for developer Will Roberts, but it comes with the title he's just inherited. As does Josie Harrington-Jones, who manages the tearoom on the premises. A single mother and reformed party girl, Josie has a real knack for the business end of things -- but she also has a few issues, and a secret. Her professional partnership with Will turns personal eventually, but Josie's not sure he's in love with the real her -- and it's a deal-breaker.

Fiona Harper's English Lord, Ordinary Lady (4) has a credible plot and conflict, as well as great characters. More than that, it's warm and funny.

What a lovely late Christmas present!


Jessica Raymond said...

Congratulations Fiona! What a lovely review.

Jess x

Ray-Anne said...

How fantastic! Many congratulations.

Ray-Anne said...

Finished the book this afternoon and just HAD to pop back in to say how much I enjoyed it.
All the best for 2008 and more please!
LOL Ray-Anne