Monday, 21 January 2008

Writers' Forum Article

I have some other good news was totally usurped by last week’s mega good news. But now the dust has settled a little, I can let you know that I’ve been interviewed, along with M&B editor Jenny Hutton, for the current issue (Feb) of Writers’ Forum magazine in the UK. Unfortunately, they don’t have a web link for the article so it’s buy the magazine or nothing!

The article goes into the history of M&B and asks what it takes to ‘break in’ today (hence, my input). I even have my very own pink sidebar with a heart and the title “Fiona’s top tips”. This gives me visions of imparting sage, housewifely advice on how to remove stains or bake the perfect sponge, but ignore me – I’m daft that way.

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Jessica Raymond said...

Sounds like a good read! I'll have a look for it in my local Smiths.