Monday, 27 July 2009

London Treasure Hunt

I’m interrupting my own blogging on the RWA conference to tell you about a totally cool London happening.

Last year I had a book out called Saying Yes To The Millionaire, about safety-conscious Fern and daredevil Josh and their mad race around London for four days on a charity treasure hunt.

Little did I know that there was a real London Treasure Hunt last summer! And they’re having another one this year on Saturday 22nd August. It lasts one day and there’s a prize-giving party at the end of it.

I so wish I could do it! It would be amazing to dash around London, tasting a little of what my characters’ experienced, but unfortunately I won’t be able to make it. (Sob) Maybe next year?

If you’re interested in taking part – teams can be from two to six people – and registration is open now. ( It costs £20 per person to enter and they will be raising money for Macmillan Cancer Care and Ragalla Aid. Go on! You know you want to! I do! (Another sob).

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