Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Riva Launch Month

I'm really excited, because the launch month for Mills & Boon's new series - Riva - is here!

I blogged last week at the Pink Heart Society about the first four Riva books. Click here if you want to know more or check out Liz Fielding's blog, as she's interviewing all the launch month authors and giving away books! very first Riva, Three Weddings And A Baby is available online now! If you were a fan of my vintage fashion Cinderella story, Invitation To The Boss's Ball, then you won't want to miss this book, as it is the story of one of Alice's friends - Jennie.

Jennie was the spoiled socialite step-sister of Invitation To The Boss's Ball's hero, Cameron. She upped and eloped in the middle of planning a ball for him, leaving the heroine, Alice, to fill her shoes. As I was writing Alice and Cameron's story I kept thinking about what a juicy story idea that was, and by the time I was writing a happy ever after for Cameron and Alice, I was messing things up nicely for Jennie!

What if...? That's a writer's favourite question, isn't it? What if Jennie came home from honeymoon alone? What on earth could have happened to her whirlwind romance to blow it to smithereens - and how on earth could it be put back together again? Could it? Should it? I just couldn't leave the idea alone.

If you've read the beginning of Invitation To The Boss's Ball, you might remember that in the opening paragraphs Alice is admiring an oyster silk cocktail dress that Jennie falls in love with and buys:

The old oyster-coloured satin had the most wonderful texture—smooth but not slippery, like modern imitations, stiff and reassuringly heavy. Anyone who saw the cocktail dress would just have itched to touch it, and this is what Alice did, letting her fingertips explore it fully, lingering on the crease of the sash as it folded into a bow just under the bust line. This wasn’t just a dress. It was a piece of history, a work of art.

Well, I decided that Jennie should be wearing the very same dress in the opening chapters of Three Weddings And A Baby. It's Alice and Cameron's wedding, and Alice has decreed that Jennie must wear that dress. Jennie, however, has reasons for wanting to turn said dress into a very elegant bonfire! She's kept her whirlwind nuptials a secret, and no one knows it was her wedding dress, and she'd rather wear anything else than glorious oyster-coloured vintage satin. She'd also rather see anyone in the world than the one man who is crashing the wedding to confront her...

Want to know a bit more? Then you read the first chapter! See below for instructions.

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