Friday, 11 February 2011

All on the inside...

Yesterday I popped into Selfridges where M&B author, Heidi Rice, was giving a workshop on how to write for Mills & Boon. I listened in for a while and then Heidi and I grabbed a bit of lunch and had a quick chat before she started her second workshop of the day - it had been so popular they'd had to add extra sessions!

Heidi, with rapt audience

The small groups asked all sorts of questions but one topic that came up again and again was 'internal conflict', which makes a heck a lot of sense, because unless you can deliver oodles of that in your manuscript you are not going to sell to Harlequin Mills & Boon!

In fact, when I've delivered workshops on writing for Mills & Boon, the issue of internal conflict has always been front and centre. I'm thinking of delving more deeply into the issue and doing a blog post on the subject, actually. Give me a few moments (i.e. the weekend) and I'll be back to elaborate...

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