Monday, 7 February 2011

Drool, drool...

Ever coveted some shiny new item, even though you know you shouldn't? Well, I'm in the grip of such a desire right now. Probably not going to do shell out for either of the two things I'm drooling over, but a girl can dream, can't she?

Object of desire no.1: Spotted this gorgeous handbag while just causally browsing thought the Radley online store. Have always wanted a lovely green handbag. Unfortunately, Mr H might just have a coronary if I suggested this as an option for my upcoming birthday.

Object of desire no.2: Sony reader. I have one of the older models and I do love it, but I've discovered the new ones allow you to highlight, scribble notes on the page and add text memos. Since I use my Sony Reader to read through my books when I'm editing, the ability to make notes and cross words out would be very useful. I actually have wished mine had that function many a time. But no one needs two eReaders, do they?


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