Monday, 1 January 2007

How did I do?

I checked back on my New Year's Resolutions from last year. I really should hang my head in shame. This is last year's list:
  • To sell a second book - Did this! And sold a third.
  • To finish the above book (still stuck in Chapter Four) - currently stuck in chapter four of wip. Sensing a pattern.
  • To eat more healthily, do more exercise and generally reduce my acreage - the less said about this the better. I am about to do something positive and join my local gym, so I'm hoping I can say something different in 2008.
  • To harness my over-active imagination for writing alone and, therefore, stop making mountain ranges out of minor mole hills - imagination still on the loose and way out of control.
  • To clean my oven. - Pass me the halo. I did this a number of times.
  • To read the Bible in one year - I didn't read the whole thing, but I did manage significant chunks.
  • And last, but not least, learn to touch-type properly - I've improved, but I could do better. Must try harder!

Mind you, if anyone else has ticked off all of last year's resolutions they are a saint. My husband hates New Year's Resolutions. He reckons they're a waste of time because nobody ever sticks to them. He's partly right - about me, anyway. But I'm going to have a think about a list again this year anyway.

What's life without goals? I may not have achieved all my goals for last year, but I tried and I've learnt things along the way. I think I would prefer to struggle and fail than sit on my behind and not even try.


liz fenwick said...

You did really well! Lets look forward to a GREAT new year :-)


Barb said...

I'm afraid I think your husband's probably right, Fiona. But that doesn't stop me trying either. Good luck.
But I wished you hadn't mentioned ovens... mine's long overdue for a clean, especially now after its marathon effort with the Christmas turkey.

Sharon J said...

Clean the oven? Oh dear... now that you've said it... oh dear.