Friday, 19 January 2007

We interrupt this broadcast for an important announcement...

Thought I would break up the craft-heavy posting with something more personal. There were storms in the UK yesterday, and while we certainly fared better than some, we were not unaffected.

A large section of my fence is in next door's garden for a start. And then my oldest daughter had to stay home from school today. Her school is a lovely Victorian building and her classroom in on the top floor of a three-story section. Yesterday afternoon one of the windows in the neighbouring classrooms was blown in - we're talking the whole multi-paned hefty wooden frame, which must be at least six foot high. As a result, the workmen are in today fixing things and making sure everything is safe.

Most tragic of all was the news that, when my husband went to visit our allotment this morning, he found his greenhouse, full of his much-beloved carniverous plants, in a tangled heap. Now, I may moan at the amount of love and dedication he lavishes on these plants - I have been heard to comment that I would get more attention if I painted myself green and sat on the window sill - but even I was sad. Somehow, along the way, I seem to have grown fond of them myself. I even know my droseras from my nepenthes.


Ray-Anne said...

Many commiserations. It is horrible when precious things are lost due to things beyond our control. I do hope the plants can be saved.
My other half was travelling by train yesterday to a meeting [40 mins normally] and gave up after three hours. Power lines down, trees on the line, the lot.
Strangers were literally hanging onto eachother in the street. that a story idea I hear knocking?
Good luck with the repair work.
Regards, Ray-Anne

Jessica Raymond said...

((Fiona)) I would feel sad too. Very glad to hear that you and yours are all safe. We just got some squashed hedgerows where we are.

Jess x

Natasha Oakley said...

It's crazy weather, isn't it! I was sitting having coffee in a friend's kitchen when their next door neighbour's trampoline flew up into the enormous oak tree they have in their garden. I think they could get big money if they sold tickets for people to watch it being got down!!