Tuesday, 20 September 2011

New Voices Workshop - part six

Just a quick post to talk about the Happy Ever After...

A romance is a story with a happy ending. Your hero and heroine had lessons to learn, remember? They wouldn’t have been ready or emotionally capable of making this relationship work at the start of the story. However, the events of the plot have changed them and now they are ready to embark on a fulfilling, loving relationship.

In other words, your You hero and heroine have to earn their happy ending. Their prize? The thing they’ve always longed for – their internal goal.

Make sure your characters complete their emotional journeys! Readers will put the book down unsatisfied if there are emotional loose ends. Readers may not know why that ending didn't have the 'ahhh' factor, but they won't have that warm and fuzzy feeling they were looking for when they picked up the book.


Susie Medwell said...

These are all really helpful posts, I love the examples that you have used to illustrate the points - it makes it much easier to understand and take on board the advice. I'm just sorry I couldn't have made it to the workshop. Thanks Fiona.

Fiona Harper said...

Glad you found the posts helpful, Susie!