Thursday, 29 September 2011

RWA Workshop 3: Set In Emotion

Next on the list of helpful workshops at the RWA conference this year is Set In Emotion by Erin Quin.

This interative workshop shows how to layer in emotion to your scenes by using description - especially how describing things from the viewpoint character's persepctive can flavour the scene and add atmosphere. Erin suggests identifying the overall mood or emotion of your scene and then finding 'word families' that reflect that to use in description.

I definitely use this technique already in my writing, but it was great to hear it from a fresh persepctive.In fact, I think I came at the subject from the other direction in my talk on emotion at the RNA conference, when I mentioned how by using the wrong description writers can sometimes dilute the emotion of a scene.

Click here for the download, if you're interested.

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