Friday, 24 November 2006


On a scale of one to ten, fifty-three is how excited I am today.

I was walking down my local high street and decided to duck into Smith's to see if my book was on the shelves. The fact I had checked at six o'clock yesterday evening to find last month's books (well, only one) still on the shelves made no difference. So, how shocked was I when I came face to face with a newly stocked display and my book happily sitting there, looking as if it hadn't a qualm in the world about being next to big name authors?

I'll tell you how shocked I was. After staring it for about five minutes and quite literally not being able to tear myself away, I walked straight out of the shop. And then I walked right back in again, because I'd completely forgotten I'd been on my way to buy drawing paper for the girls and inkjet cartridges. (Of course, I had to have another look on the way out of the shop as well.)

I then bumped into my mother-in-law, who I promptly dragged back in to have a look at my book on the shelf. And what do you think? There was a lovely lady filling up her basket with Mills & Boons and mine was in there! I saw someone buying my book! That was the point at which I did a little happy dance right there in front of the display.

Of course, then I had to explain myself and I got chatting to the lady in question.

So, hello to the lovely Dilys. Thanks for buying my book and I hope your dream of one day dancing with Anton Du Beke comes true. You made my day.


Donna Alward said...

Fiona. You have just quadrupled the excitement I anticipate on seeing my own book on the shelves next year.

I'm wearing a big, big smile for you.


Kate Hardy said...

Oh, bless - what a lovely story. I'm so glad you had such a great experience with your first book on the shelves! (Want to know the best thing? It never stops being this exciting, seeing a new book by you on the shelves.)

(And this means I get my copy on Monday - when I nip into town for a radio interview and a lightning blitz on the shops before going back to my d**dl*n*)

Anonymous said...

Ah Fiona, a little tear is springing into my eye. I would do the exact same and have to prostrate myself at the feet of someone buying my book! Well done hon, what a GREAT moment and worth all the sweat and tears!
x Daisy/Abby Green

Ray-Anne said...

Hello Fiona - what an amazing feeling that must be! After all the hard work and emotions, YOUR story is actually going to be read and enjoyed by other people! Many congratulations.
And thank you for cheering us all up - I am sitting here grinning like a loon!
Off to the shops today to hunt it down. All the best, Ray-Anne

Fiona Harper said...

I've managed to calm down a bit now, ladies. Glad I made you smile, Ray-Anne (and nice to meet you the other week!).

Jessica Raymond said...

How exciting! See, you were obviously meant to keep going in and out of the store, otherwise you would never have met Dilys :)

Jess x