Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Rain and rainbows

Yesterday I got wet. Really wet. I had been to the post office to post some books to Kate Walker (more on that later...) and got back to the playground to pick up my kids about twenty minutes early. Stupidly, I decided to wait.

It started to rain, freezing cold spiky drops. By the time my girls came out of school (late, of course, due to chatting with their friends - don't know where they get that from), I was absoluely soaked. The rain had gone through my raincoat and my legs were wet almost up to my knees. My trousers were the sort that stretch when they get damp, so they were trailing in the puddles by the time we left.

But life has a funny way of making up for raining on your parade (or school run, even). As we turned to leave the playground, we saw the most fantastic rainbow I have ever seen. A perfect arch, so bright you could see the colours repeating twice underneath the main bands. Not only that, there was a fainter one above it, making it a double rainbow.

I ran home with my soggy trousers, ditched them at the front door and ran upstairs to take a picture out of my daughter's bedroom window.

There. Isn't that beautiful?

You'll just have to come back tomorrow to see why I was posting things to Kate Walker...


Anonymous said...

What a stunning rainbow and a great picture. Maybe you can write it into a future book where the heroine is a struggling single parent!



Sue aka MsCreativity said...

That is a beautiful photo!
I never tire of seeing rainbows, they give me the same fuzzies that I used to have as a child, when I dreamed about whether there was a pot of gold at the end.

Sue :-)

Sharon J said...

Very pretty, Fiona. I'm not sure I'd feel seeing it was worth getting that wet for, though. You're a brave woman!

Julie Day said...

That picture is amazing. I do so love rainbows, I think they are one of nature's marvels and magical.