Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Monday Stats

Word count goal: 28,200
Words written: 5,066
Actual word count: 28,286

Thanks for all your cheers, girls! I really appreciate it.

Ooh, and I discovered that an interview I did for Classic Fm's daily arts podcast has finally been broadcast. It was my first radio interview and I think I did okay. Only, I have interviewee's remorse - thinking of a better answer on the train home. So, when you hear the question about Jessica Fletcher at the end, and whether writing romance has a similar impact on my life, imagine I said something along the lines of wouldn't it be lovely if tall, dark handsome men appeared round every corner, wanting to whisk me away - although I can't imagine Mr Harper would be very pleased.

If you want to have a listen, it's available here.

1 comment:

Ray-Anne said...

What a terrific interview !
And I love Classic FM.
You were a total goddess amd sounded polished and professional - wow.
And yes, it was wonderful that you mentioned both the RNA and the NWS.

Now, on with that book. LOL Ray-Anne