Sunday, 13 July 2008

Naughty Blogger

I'm such a bad blogger. After promising all those juicy details about Fern and Josh's treasure hunt, I've gone AWOL. I have a good excuse, though. The dog ate my homework.

Okay, that wasn't a good excuse. And I don't even have a dog...

So far, the whole being-an-author thing has been relatively painless for me. In six books, I've had 'tweaks' of revisions and two books went through without any at all. But I knew, one day, that my luck would run out. Unfortunately, my day of reckoning has come.

The current book, the one that is part of a trilogy with Jennie Adams and Melissa McClone, needs a new hero - which kind of means a new plot to go with him. My part of the trilogy is provisionally titled "Blind-Date Baby". I'm tempted to add "Rosemary's" in there somehwere. I've managed to salvage about 10k from the original book (but that amount keeps going down every time I go through it as I pull more and more stuff out).

I'm going to post my word count and hope that some of you kind souls will cheer me on!

Total word count at end of previous day: 19205
Goal for today: 23200 (5000 words)
Total written today: still working on it (5 hours down...)

That's my 10 min coffee break over. Back to the saltmines...


Nell said...

You can do eeet!

Judy Jarvie said...

Go Fiona! You can and will do it.
In fact I know exactly what you mean because I too have been using the 'rip down knitting' technique on the current WIP. Sometimes I think actual knitting, even an arran balaclava, might be easier!

Ellen said...

Fiona have faith in yourself you KNOW you can do it.

Jan Jones said...

And just think - all that stuff you rip out can be recycled into a perfectly good new book later on!