Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Black Moment and Bluebells

Just written the big, crushing scene where the hero breakes my heroine's heart! Yay! (That makes me sound really twisted, doesn't it?)

Anyway, that means I'm heading off into Act Three - but with only 7000 words left of my word count. That's going to be a squeeze. My aim is to get it written by Easter Sunday so I can go to family party without the end of my book circuiting inside my head. Too many words in the head means the ones that come out of my mouth are too few and are often only one syllable. Not good when you're trying to be sociable.

Yesterday, we had the most glorious weather here. I took the kids (and my notebook) out into the countryside for a walk and some ice creams. Well, the kids had ice creams and climbed trees/read while I scribbled down another scene. Anyway, the picture on the left is one I took with my phone. Sometimes I feel really lucky to live where I do.

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