Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Tea Crisis and more

My fridge and cupboards are bare - I don't even have any tea bags left in the house (sob!) - my house is a state and my husband is wondering when I'll ever speak an intelligible word to him again.
Yes, folks, I'm days away from a deadline and editing in earnest.

I've changed my hero's story a little - he no longer decides he can't marry his fiancee and then jilts her after a week on the island with my heroine. This time, its the fiancee who does the jilting and she does it before he heads off to paradise, giving Finn some things to think about. Just this one thing has opened up so much more for my hero in emotional terms.

Before, he only started to realise he had a problem with emotional depth late in she second act and his moment of truth/moment of grace didn't come until almost the end of the story - hence the lack of emotion, I think. Now, he's aware his ex thinks there was something missing from their relationship, even if he's confused about exactly what that was, and I feel it's much easier to dig deeper into his emotions earlier in the story. Hope this works!

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