Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Guilty Pleasures and Secret Crushes

Work on the book (The Little Mermaid (working title)/the story about the ballerina with a secret crush) is going well, but it's taking up all my time. No in-depth blogging until after the deadline, I suppose.

Meanwhile, I watched Julie Moggan's documentary on Mills & Boon called Guilty Pleasures today. Really enjoyed it. She followed the lives of some M&B superfans and one M&B Author - Roger Sanderson, who read my first ever M&B for the RNA's New Writers' Scheme and has cheered me on ever since! I started off thinking how quirky some of the people were, and I laughed out loud at some of the clever editing quite a few times, but the stories of those featured quickly became touching and endearing, and I found myself warming to all the participants (Yes, and that includes you, Roger, you know you're lovely!)

I met Julie a couple of times while she was filming, as she atteneded an RNA conference or two, and her crew came to one of the annual M&B Authors' lunches (see pic for proof!). Along with some of the other authors I was even filmed talking about one of my books, but I'm secretly glad I wasn't interesting enough to make it past the cutting room floor. I fluffed up my littile bit for the camera at least four times - even forgetting the name of my book once! So not the media savvy author am I.

Anyway, if you want to watch a multi-layered, unusual take on Mills & Boon, you can catch it again on 4OD.

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Cara Cooper said...

Hi Fiona

I saw Guilty Pleasures at a screening they did at the ICA with Julie there afterwards doing a Q&A. I thought she was lovely and that came over in the film. She said how many, many hours of filming ended up on the cutting room floor so you weren't the only one. What I thought was very clever was how she said she tried to structure the film a little like an M&B romance - the getting to know you beginning, the black moment when you worry how people's lives and romances are going to turn out and finally the happy ever after. Not necessarily totally happy as in the lady from India whose marriage didn't get patched up in the end but a real life moving on. Great, understated film!